Experience and Interests

Story Landis is a leader in Neuroscience research, especially as it relates to care of neurological disorders.

DSC_0073She has been actively engaged in the design of neuroscience research programs, on institutional and national levels, and in the evaluation of the success of those programs.

Research requires talented, trained, and informed investigators in settings that permit them to grow to their potential.  Story has been engaged in the design of programs that foster rapid growth and independence, and has contributed widely to patterns of successful mentoring.

As Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the NIH, Story respected its charge to “reduce the burden of neurological disease.”  She has encouraged and worked effectively with health advocates to advance research in their areas of special interest, and to foster a joint commitment to basic neuroscience research.

In guiding NINDS, she has been closely attentive to frontiers in neuroscience research, and new areas of exceptional opportunity such as stem cell biology and the broad design of the BRAIN initiative.