Monthly Archives: February 2015

Review and advice where it really matters

Over the last four decades, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has had an extremely significant and positive impact on the conduct of biomedical research.  Central to the Institute’s strategies has been the HHMI Investigator Program, which now supports more than 300 scientists and their teams in more than 70 institutions.  HHMI has learned to identify gifted and productive scientists, and then provides them with the resources needed to succeed in their areas of investigation.  Dr. Story Landis recently joined the Scientific Review Board, and participates in the review of Investigators and their teams.  This responsibility requires the capacity to assess individuals and programs, and insight into genuinely important scientific advance.

Strategies for Growth in Institutions

Academic institutions vary widely in size, organizational structure, and aspirations.  The Oregon Health Sciences University is a rich mix of clinical care, clinical research, and basic neuroscience research.  Dr. Story Landis visited January 12, 2015, to participate in an external review and to make recommendations for strategies and planning.  Such a review requires the capacity to gauge strengths and weaknesses in individuals, and to understand interactions within a complex organization that will foster continued growth.