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Institute of Medicine workshop on training future neuroscientists

The Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders of the Institute of Medicine conducted a 2-day workshop that addressed “Defining the Expertise Needed for the 21st Century Neuroscience Workforce”.  In the Opening Remarks of the workshop, Story Landis spoke on “Challenges for the Next Generation of Scientists.”  In her roles at the NIH, Dr. Landis had devised and implemented a variety of tools to accelerate the training and scientific maturation of basic and clinical neuroscience investigators.  Preparation for translational studies, for the new tools of “big data” analysis, and for multi-disciplinary investigations will have to embrace new and varied patterns of education and early study.

Allen Institute for Brain Science

Story C. Landis, PhD

Story C. Landis, PhD

Story Landis has joined the Scientific Advisory Board of the Allen Institute for Brain Science.  This extraordinary endeavor carries out discovery science, and assembles information essential to a host of other investigators.  All the data and tools of this remarkable effort are freely available, and the design of the investigations fosters multidisciplinary, team science.

Academic Advancement for Women in American Neurology

Story Landis was the featured speaker at the Women of the ANA luncheon during the annual meeting of the American Neurological Association.  She addressed the persistent, disproportionate paucity of women in senior academic positions, and how to improve the situation.  In a novel and thought-provoking address, she discussed her academic positions, beginning with her service as Director of NINDS, and the preparation and accomplishments that led to each promotion.

Scientific Review of NYSTEM

New York Stem Cell Science works collaboratively with the Empire State Stem Cell Science Board to implement support of stem cell science in New York.  Their goal is “to make grants to basic, applied, translational or other research and development activities that will advance scientific discoveries in fields related to stem cell biology.”  This innovative and energetic program has made major contributions toward stem cell biology discovery, implementation of new knowledge, and training of new investigators.  Story Landis is now participating in the Scientific Review function, to assure continued growth and success of the program.