Strategies for Rapid Development of Therapeutics

CHDI Foundation is a biomedical research foundation devoted to a single disease:  Huntington’s disease.  Its central aim to to rapidly develop therapeutic agents that will treat or modify the progression of Huntington’s disease.   It provides research support for scientists in academic institutions, supports a group of scientists within the organization, interacts with biotechnical and pharmaceutical companies to develop reagents, and provides a variety of research resources (reagents, transgenic mice, etc.) to investigators entering the field of HD research.  Dr. Story Landis addressed the 10th annual HD Therapeutics Conference in Palm Springs, CA, on February 25.  She described the efforts at the NIH to achieve the similar goals, bringing the perspective of experience with work on a variety of disorders affecting the nervous system.  She emphasized the value of coordination and partnership as the NIH and health advocacy organizations work together toward shared goals.